About VarHowto

Inspired by the well-known Linux directory /var/log/ containing variable log files, VarHowto (or /var/howto) is a place for variable how-to tutorials for developers and tech-savvy users.

Here we write these how-to tutorials to

  • share our expertise with other people and
  • help people to figure out things.

Our articles are:

  • approachable with easy to understand language and
  • engaging with code examples and pictures.

What does var mean in the website name?

var is a short name of “variable”. It means the content will change over time. In our case, we post new tutorials from time to time.

Does VarHowto have a privacy policy?

Yes, we have a dedicated page for it: https://varhowto.com/privacy-policy/.

How do I contact VarHowto?

Please reach us through this contact form: https://varhowto.com/contact-us/.

We hope you enjoy the time at our website — varhowto.com.