How To Move and Install WordPress To Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 20.04 is just released on April 23, 2020. You have a WordPress site on old Ubuntu such as Ubuntu 18.04 or 19.10. How would I transfer my WordPress site to the latest Ubuntu 20.04? This article will walk you through all the steps to transfer your WordPress site to Ubuntu 20.04 on Amazon AWS […]

How to add custom block editor css in WordPress

So you have changed the style of your WordPress child theme in style.css and see the changes on your WordPress website. But the style of the block editor remains the same when you are creating or updating your posts or pages. If the Gutenberg editor style is consistent with your published website, you have a […]

How to remove the SVG content added by Jetpack in WordPress

Once jetpack is activated, it will append the whole SVG file to your html. This increases the size of your HTML, slowing down your website. The problem is that even if you don’t use any of Jetpack’s social features, it will still append the file content. How to remove Add the following code to the […]

How to transfer/copy WordPress theme options

The easiest is to use wp command line tool. Here we will transfer the twentytwenty WordPress theme setting to twentytwenty-child. Install wp curl -O chmod +x wp-cli.phar sudo mv wp-cli.phar /usr/local/bin/wp Check to see if wp works: wp –info You would be able to see a few WordPress settings. Export theme option sudo -u […]

How to add child theme for twenty-twenty in WordPress

twenty-twenty is the default theme for WordPress. After you customize it using the “Additional CSS”, you want to customize even more, like change the structure of the HTML. But if you change it directly, your changes might be overridden by new updates of the WordPress theme. You might also want to have a reference to […]