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Ubuntu dock: show windows in current workspace/monitor only

  • VarHowto Editor

    On Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 (actually since GNOME 3 is introduced back and Unity desktop becomes a past), when you click on the dash icons on the left hand side, it will show the thumbnails of all the windows of the application in all workspaces and monitors.

    So when you click on one thumbnail, which might be in another workspace, you will forced be on another workspace. If the thumbnail is in another monitor, it will do nothing if the window in active. This is not very convenient if you want to stay in the current workspace/monitor and keep workspaces/monitors independent or separate.

    How can I make it only show windows in the current workspace or display? How can I make the indicators (little dots) under dash icons only show the windows in the current workspace or monitor?

    1. Open terminal by alt - ctrl - t
    2. Run the following command to isolate workspace and monitor:
      • gsettings set isolate-workspaces true
      • gsettings set isolate-monitors true
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